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damn. cold. really. my alpine experience tells me it’s around -25 celsius, walking the dog and not feeling my hands after about one minute. that tingling feeling I last felt at 3600m on the way up the Mönch, in Bern, Switzerland. Totally dramatic addition of very high gusty winds, and now that we’re on the 5th floor corner it’s whistling around our heads, really beautiful sound. I hope people know how to stay warm, or at least not freeze, and all the best for when it passes on to summer weather in about six hours. it was only ten hours ago that it was spring warmth, foggy, I wonder if any of this is ringing bells for anyone else? Change is good, though, thought provoking, making things move, e-motion, all good things come from movement … a huge, HUGE shout out to Oz Noy and his killer trio (Keith Carlock / Will Lee) which provided movement in every way, every song, every statement, solo, groove. Thanks. 

the usa

such a strange, strong, powerful feeling. love. we all feel it and want it and strive for it, it’s always here, never far away, and we just have to let it in. this is how I am feeling right now while on a month long visit to new york, seattle, portland, new orleans. I grew up here, and am visiting on honeymoon, as a visitor from switzerland, but actually I am home. and love is everywhere! whacked out how we read about things like the news about financial crises etc but being here, being and existing here, for those of us who are more or less playing with being on and off the grid, that doesn’t seem to have too much of an effect. one could say people are buying fewer cd’s, spending less on music for their parties, hiring less, paying less, but that sounds exactly the same as anytime in the history of music. this is no different. and being here is so creative, the love should come first and create things. we should know that the usa is a country that is based on creative energy, meaning when things get really tough the best way out is go for broke completely and create something new, or at least something interesting and self-truth oriented which, when you’re broke, renders at least you happy. it’s amazing what effect that has on everything.
Here in this little blog I would like to just plead with everyone to create, everywhere and around every possible corner, and if you have no money then you can’t lose it either, it’s a lot less stressful than having too much and being afraid all the time. fear is the opposite of love, and having too much money breeds it in the most horrible way.
love. peace. jazz.

bass is beautiful…

tomorrow, Wednesday, last time at the piazza bar! Aido Trio, in which I am now playing bass (whew) again, the instrument speaks to me in ways I could never really have imagined, and it is such that I found the reason I switched from cello ten years ago confirmed in the process of practicing again…auditions…tunes…projects…LIFE!

So, stop by and check out the set of tunes with an octave added on to the bottom ;)

peace. love. jazz.

- jonas


wouldn’t it be great if we all learned to really listen to each other, equally in all languages, and wouldn’t it be logical if that were brought about by having a really good and solid music education program built into the general education of all young people!? it seems like there are so many studies, so many obvious and clear statements, about how positive a musical education is in the development of a person’s emotional, psychological, intellectual and physical abilities — to pound the heck out of a not quite dead horse, here goes:

music trains micromuscular coordination. piano playing has obvious advantages when you are learning to type, meaning in the future you are faster and cleaner typing on a computer, for example, obviously and clearly useful today in every job imaginable.

chamber  music training, classical or jazz, teaches an intricate and complex sense of teamwork - learning to play and listen at the same time, interact in creating a complete sound, work together to achieve the best possible collective result. This can translate directly to talking and listening at the same time. Working on expression and form together musically makes everyone realize that they are part of a whole, and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I can’t imagine a job where such skills are not extremely desirable.

The democratic process, if understood in the sense that communication and compromise are necessary parts of teamwork, is supported a priori in working together in a musical group. Even in orchestra, where it’s more like a democratic dictatorship (the conductor being the leader) still supports teamwork in playing in tune together, following the conductor while also giving 100% to make the sound of the orchestra or big band really fantastic.

Working with  music early in life (the mozart effect, for example) stimulates creativity in a fantastic way, allowing for a much more creative attitude in problem solving later on. There is always a creative solution to every problem, I think, and it’s much nicer than the destructive one, although it takes one extra step of imaginative thinking. Training in music early on installs this creative, imaginative step from the outset, eliminating the need to learn this type of thinking later.

So why is it that music (I should include all the arts…) is the first thing that is cut from school programs when money gets short? It’s really backwards thinking, because even if music is the only thing that is taught early on in schools it still makes learning everything else much easier later. It’s the easiest and best guarantee for the future I can imagine. And would color the way people think in the next generation in such a way that we could solve many problems in a much more gentle and open, communicative way.

How many wars could have been avoided, oil spills,  mistreatment of fellow humans, animals, nature, etc., it’s staggering to imagine.

Now is the time to think about it!


very cool band from austria playing at sonarraum 64 in bern tonight, everyone should come check it out !

plus the sonarraum is a very very cool club, worth seeing just for the club ;)

music of bill frisell

sonarraum, progr, bern — Lukas Koenig, drums, Fabio Pinto, guitar, Lukas Roos, clarinets, Vincent Millioud, violin, Jonas Tauber, bass/cello, starts at 20:30. Also on the bill is Colin Vallon’s new standards ensemble. Come enjoy!


john zorn / odd-meter workshop concerts

Sonarraum. PROGR. Bern. Monday 20:30. come enjoy creative music! join up on facebook. then come here it live. great place….love, peace, jazz.


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