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bob feldman's triplicity live at ABC no Rio

as part of the C.O.M.A. series curated by Blaise Siwula, this trio features Bob Feldman, saxophone, Michael Evans, drums, and Jonas Tauber, bass. In a series of shorter pieces based on concrete-ish concepts we’ve been developing during regular thursday rehearsals … enjoy!

Yes. Definitely loving playing bass tonight at the very interesting and progressively staged The Dwarf performance — at 222 East 46th Street (by the way, parking just across the street is great, cash only $14 for the evening!) in The Blue Building…be prepared to follow the cast through the story, all the way to Mexico!!

tonight @ ABC no Rio :: 156 Rivington, Manhattan

A very explosive evening of improvised music tonight…stop by!

ABC no Rio :: This Sunday!

An evening of improvised music until the new quintet I am conceptualizing for using room and space movement in a way I haven’t quite determined yet, but should be very intriguing…and fun, in a sort of twisted backward way…come check it out or tell friends. This is a cool spot to come see and hear some great sounds and concepts anyway, the COMA series curated by the great Blaise Siwula.

Buy Tickets: 2nd Annual Queens New Music Festival

yes. buy tickets. it will certainly be worth it, and this should lead to interesting other bands as well that are part of this festival…

help support new music! otherwise the status quo of tired and aging multi grammy winners succumbs to the multi national status quo ‘usual suspects’ mentality and that, within any creative field, is the signal to the end of it all.

new band

Pretty excited about this project. After 8 years of Europe behind me, many things moving through my brain and compositions growing in and with the process, John Gross and I are putting this double duo together between Billy Mintz, Hans Tammen, John and myself to form what will be a super powerful fun band of creative minds from totally, radically, extremely different corners, in my opinion one of those projects that could go very sour very quickly, but also soar to new heights for all of us. I am so looking forward to this I can barely really put words to it. But everyone should tell everyone else that this will be something worth coming out to witness, especially since

The Shrine
2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

is such a cool place to hang out! great food, service, people, music every day, just wonderful. So if you hate the music, have an extra beer, or two or three, and enjoy the place.

I love autumn…

farewell mini-tour regenthal/tauber

three appearances:

27 January, 21h; Piazza-Bar, Bern

16 February, 20h; Lebewohl Fabrik, Z├╝rich Seefeld

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