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bass is beautiful…

tomorrow, Wednesday, last time at the piazza bar! Aido Trio, in which I am now playing bass (whew) again, the instrument speaks to me in ways I could never really have imagined, and it is such that I found the reason I switched from cello ten years ago confirmed in the process of practicing again…auditions…tunes…projects…LIFE!

So, stop by and check out the set of tunes with an octave added on to the bottom ;)

peace. love. jazz.

- jonas

last four aido piazza!!!

This is it, we are closing shop, sort of, moving on to other concerts — come join us and help support the piazza bar at the same time, bring friends, hang out, and enjoy our music for cello, guitar, drums — compositions by sam mösching along with fresh interpretations of the american songbook ;)

Sam Mösching, guitar / comp

Danilo Djurovic, drums

Jonas Tauber, cello

Piazza Bar, Hirschengraben, Bern
Wednesday(s) until end of June
9-11 pm

aido trio live

once again appearing on the free scene stage in bern, switzerland, the guitar-cello-drum project called aido trio performs tonight between 9-11 at piazza-bar, hirschengraben, bern, featuring compositions of guitarist-comoser Sam Mösching. Stop by, it’s a nice place to hang out in any case!



trio music live @ piazza bar! wed 9-11 pm, guitar cello drums…come enjoy! hirschengraben, bern

aido trio back!

Hello there, after my iPhone crashed, making personal history by being the first ever apple product to throw in the towel in twenty years, I’m updating anyway even though it was so much more fun on the iphone. damn iphone…so, here it is, our original guitar / cello / drums combo appearing again in our second home, the Piazza-Bar in Bern, wednesday evening at 9 pm as always…come bring friends with ready available mindsets to embrace some excellent sounds - vibes - compositions - concepts - I better stop…

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