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damn. cold. really. my alpine experience tells me it’s around -25 celsius, walking the dog and not feeling my hands after about one minute. that tingling feeling I last felt at 3600m on the way up the Mönch, in Bern, Switzerland. Totally dramatic addition of very high gusty winds, and now that we’re on the 5th floor corner it’s whistling around our heads, really beautiful sound. I hope people know how to stay warm, or at least not freeze, and all the best for when it passes on to summer weather in about six hours. it was only ten hours ago that it was spring warmth, foggy, I wonder if any of this is ringing bells for anyone else? Change is good, though, thought provoking, making things move, e-motion, all good things come from movement … a huge, HUGE shout out to Oz Noy and his killer trio (Keith Carlock / Will Lee) which provided movement in every way, every song, every statement, solo, groove. Thanks. 

Yes. Definitely loving playing bass tonight at the very interesting and progressively staged The Dwarf performance — at 222 East 46th Street (by the way, parking just across the street is great, cash only $14 for the evening!) in The Blue Building…be prepared to follow the cast through the story, all the way to Mexico!!

when drinking a cup of coffee, imagine the 7 billion plus people on this planet all drinking a cup of coffee … that’s a lot of coffee. what if they all used a styrofoam cup? same for flushing the toilet, eating a hamburger, and so on … staggering!

just occurs to me in answering some good friend’s letter:

competition can be replaced with community.

instead of being fearful of all the others trying to “make it” we can reach out with love and help each other “make it” and get much, much farther doing it that way.

it’s not even complicated :)

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